APLIC Short Courses/Workshops

APLIC holds short courses in conjunction with its spring and fall meetings.  Short courses offer a one and a half day workshop on avian/power line issues, including:

  • History and Background of Bird/Power Line Issues
  • Regulations and Permits Relative to Bird/Power Line Issues
  • "Electricity 101" - An Overview of Electrical Systems
  • Biological Aspects of Avian Electrocutions and Collisions
  • Power Line Design and Avian Safety
  • Bird Nests on Utility Structures
  • Avian Collisions with Power Lines - Causes and Minimization
  • Minimizing Avian Impacts Associated with Utility Construction Activities
  • Avian Protection Plans, including an overview of APP Guidelines and examples of utility APPs

APLIC short courses are instructed by APLIC member utilities and the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service.  Workshop attendees are also welcome to attend the open APLIC business meeting, which is often held for a half day immediately following the short course.


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