APLIC Accomplishments

APLIC was formed as a collaborate effort to address bird mortalities associated with power lines, and the continued accomplishments of APLIC attest to the organization’s ability to develop practical and effective solutions to challenging problems. 

 In 1975, the first edition of Suggested Practices for Raptor Protection on Power Lines was published by APLIC, and was followed by subsequent editions in 1981, 1996, and 2006.  The 2006 edition, Suggested Practices for Avian Protection on Power Lines: The State of the Art in 2006 expanded its focus to include all protected migratory birds and added chapters on regulations and Avian Protection Plans.  Both the 1996 and 2006 editions were translated into Spanish.

In 1994, APLIC published Mitigating Bird Collisions with Power Lines, which identified bird collision risks, collision prevention measures, and protocols for conducting collision assessment studies.  APLIC is currently updating its collision manual, with a new edition to be published in 2011.


 In 2005, APLIC and the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service released national Avian Protection Plan (APP) Guidelines.  The APP Guidelines offer resources to help utilities manage avian/power line issues.

 APLIC hosts workshops on avian/power line issues, funds research projects to further bird/power line protection efforts, and is an active participant of current conservation and avian protection practices.