As an APLIC-member utility, your company will join a network of professionals dedicated to developing and implementing practical and effective solutions to avian/utility issues.  APLIC members include a diversity of professionals with extensive expertise on current avian/power line research, impacts, and mitigation methods.  APLIC membership fees are reasonable, and are used to fund guidance documents, training workshops and short courses, and research projects.

The benefits of APLIC membership include:

  • Join a network of professionals that work to resolve avian/utility issues, and are open to sharing their expertise with others
  • Access to APLIC short course content and APLIC display kiosk for member company use
  • Keep up-to-date on current topics related to electrocution and collision research and products, regulatory changes, etc.
  • Access to and participation in development of APLIC resources (guidance documents, educational/training materials)

If your company is interested in joining APLIC, please contact the APLIC Executive Committee at